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Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekly Wishes (26/04/13)

Hello! Here is another collection of items I'd really like to have that I've seen over the past week! (Note: this post was written, edited, and drafted throughout the week and then queued to post on the blog on Friday, as I will do from now on with this feature!)

1. Mean Girls pencils. When I saw these pencils on Tumblr, I just about died. Not only are these pencils the most perfect shade of pale pink, but they are engraved with quotes from the teen girl movie of the century--Mean Girls. Imagine using them in class and someone next to you recognises the quote--instant new friend!


2. Still Into You Ensemble. Ever since I saw Paramore's music video for their latest single Still Into You, I've been obsessed, I repeat, OBSESSED with Hayley Williams' (a huge fashion inspiration for 5+ years now--you'll see a girl crush post about her soon!) outfit and I know everyone can't stop talking and blogging about it so this might be a bit redundant but seriously! I need this on my body! And every item is available online! (I realise this is multiple items, but I am listing it all as ONE wish for this week!)

(background image source)
  1. UNIF Pastel Moto Jacket
  2. TOPSHOP Dweeb Crop
  3. URB Neon Yellow Melting Tights
  4. TOPSHOP Wide Hinge Detail Belt
  5. SYREN Latex Swing Dress
  6. DR. MARTENS 1460 8-Eyelet Boot
3. CHANEL Jellies. How brilliant are these shoes? I've been a jellies fanatic since I was but a wee toddler--in fact I had a little "photoshoot" in my backyard with a pair of sparkly ones. Oh how I remember them... I wish my feet were still that small! Anyway, I saw these beauties in pink on Tumblr and decided to do some online window shopping and found a pair in my size on Amazon in white. They are so beautiful, but unfortunately, I do not have $800 to blow, so all I can do is drool.

This week was filled with a lot of "want", but I will stop here. I got some American Apparel shopping done as a little reward for saving money so that was a nice little break from all the WANT WANT WANT. I think I will start treating myself depending on how much money I can save or how well I am doing in classes and stuff like that as opposed to just buying if I have the money. Should work out in my favour.

Anyway! Hope you all had a wonderful week! (Only three weeks left of school--wow!)

♥ Sarah

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Adventures in Film (+ a SATANIC RITUAL)

Hello, my little star shines! As you all know very well, my girl Rachael is a lovely photographer, and as I prepare to come home and see her once more, I was reflecting on the time we shared the last time I was in Hawaii, and boy did we have a blast! So, even though it was a few months in the past, I figure, why not blog about it, showing you some of Rachael's gorgeous shots! (Not to mention a little peak at my outfit that day)

We spent the day around the little town I'm from called Kailua, where there's all sorts of fun places to photograph--primarily the Salvation Army just a block away from where I used to work. We also visited Pier 1 Imports, where we pretended we could afford the furniture, Whole Foods, where we wished we were healthier, Starbucks, and even my very own front yard!
top: charlotte russe | dress: unknown | socks: unknown | shoes: thrifted | sunnies: forever 21/diy |  bracelets: h&m | handbag: h&m

The next day was just as fun as the last, as Rachael and I performed a SATANIC RITUAL (in front of my house) where we had to burn an Owl City t-shirt. We appropriately dressed and made up ourselves for the occasion... (This seems like it would be a fun makeup tutorial to do as a collaboration with Rachael sometime in the future, no?)

I took the photo of Rachael... and according to the focus, I am clearly no photographer.
And don't worry--we recorded the event and turned it into a beautiful film using music by, who else, but Slipknot. (You can watch it below from my YouTube channel!) I also really hope you all see that this is a joke and we are not actually worshipers of the devil or do any sort of weird rituals--it was all out of good fun...and the chance that there would be a cash reward that was, sadly, revoked.

I look forward to all sorts of weird trouble that Rachael and I will get into over the summer, even if it means my old neighbours will be staring at me in horror while walking their dog (see: video, above).

♥ Sarah

Monday, April 22, 2013

At the Park

Hey there, my butterflies! It's been a while since I've done a basic little outfit post here. Well, of course the day I decide to wear my Lana Del Rey angora sweater, it is around 80 degrees outside--very unusual for San Francisco, but that didn't stop me from looking cute! I only had one class today, but after that it was a sunshine filled girls day with Anna and Haleigh at our favourite park, just two blocks up, which we've dubbed the puppy park, because everyone brings their puppies there and lets them run around and play! It sure brightens my day (not that I needed it considering how sunny it is!). So, Anna took some photos of us, thus bringing you a long overdue outfit post!

sunnies: ray-ban | top: charlotte russe (thanks, mum!) sweater: h&m | belt: forever 21 | skirt: american apparel | 
socks: topshop | shoes: thrifted bag: betsey johnson

Today's outfit was completely inspired by my nails which I did last night. I copied the idea from Marina and the Diamonds in her Primadonna video (photo here). I would put a tutorial, but as you can see, I am clearly no nail expert, and did the most lazy, messy way humanly possible, but if you want them to look nice, you can watch this cute little tutorial. She gets the job done right.

So basically, I did my nails last night, and the colour scheme brought me from there. Not that wearing pale pink is a rare occasion for me anyway! But I love combining pastels with black. It edges it all up a bit--but don't worry, I'm harmless!

My pride and joy. I love this bag!

Although I much prefer dreary, grey, weather, having a sunny day every once in a while where I don't have to worry about freezing to death is quite refreshing, especially when I'm spending it with some great pals and puppies!

Hope you all enjoyed your day as I did, no matter how the weather may be where you are!


The Bright Side: Going Home for Summer

Hello there, my bumble bees! It is the end of April, which means the final weeks of school are closing in. Since I do not have summer classes or a job here in the city, I will be going home, which is not something I am looking forward to incredibly.

You see, I come from a pretty little place called Hawaii. Now I can probably read your mind right now, based off of the reactions I typically get--"HAWAII! Paradise! How lucky!" That may be the case for some people, but I do not particularly enjoy Hawaii. In fact, you could argue that I hate it. I am not going to go into details, but it is my opinion, and after living there for 12 years as a born-city girl, feeling so confined to one small area of land was torture! Don't get me wrong--I am very fortunate to have been raised in the beautiful, warm, weather, easy travelling distances, and beautiful bird calls every morning--but people have preferences and mine is definitely not living there! That's all.

However, I will be going back for four months soon. There are many things I am dreading--not being able to walk around the city, being away from my boyfriend for four months, most likely getting sunburnt, etc., but here at Love & Velvet, I like to focus on the positive! Which brings us to a possible new feature, by the name of THE BRIGHT SIDE. If I focus on only the positive aspects of going back home (in no particular order), I will not be miserable every second--at least that's my logic! Now, let's get started!

01. My family! Of course living on my own 2,500 miles away is a nice getaway, but it's always such a great feeling to be at home with mum's cooking, brother's video game systems, and dad always taking pictures of every moment. Oh, and you can't forget the CATS! (Oh, how I missed those adorably dumb little creatures.)

Graduation 2012!
Ozzy (left) and Ringo (right)

02. My girls! Although I have given up on many relationships back at home, there are three people that I hold very close to my heart to this day and cannot wait to be reunited with (two of which will be writing on this blog in the near future)!

Let's start off with Kitty, my best friend in the entire universe! Words cannot describe my love for this girl. We've been through everything together, and even though she's 5,000 miles away in Edinburgh, we didn't let the distance come between us! It's been almost a year since I've seen her in person and am so stoked to spend every laugh together. (I could write about her forever, so I'll stop here)
Kitty's 16th birthday party, October 2010. 
Next up, is the first girl I met out on this list--the always beautiful and hilarious Shannon! Another one of my best pals from high school, Shannon and I never seem to get bored when we are together. There's always something to laugh at! I love life when I'm with Shannon (even when she forces me to go to the beach...), and cannot wait to have more adventures this summer! I was lucky enough to see her over winter break and it was just like old times. We will get into some more serious trouble these upcoming months... I'm sure of it!

at the beach, July 2011
And last, but most certainly not least, my darling, darling Rachael. Don't be fooled--the picture below is in fact two different people. We may look like twins, (and may be the exact same person personality-wise sometimes for that matter), but for some reason we never get sick of one another! Whether we are making flower crowns, burning an Owl City t-shirt, (all of which will be blogged about--do not fret!), taking photos and thrifting, or just sitting around making Spongebob references in ungodly voices, I love spending time with my "twin", and our creative juices combined almost overflow with awesome when we are in the same room! (Oh, and Rachael has her own blog too, so you should check it out!)

Bubbie's Ice Cream parlour, 2012. I'm the one on the right, I know it's hard to tell.

03. Swimming! I may hate the beach (sand, people, jellyfish, ick!!), but I absolutely adore swimming. I was blessed to grow up in a house with a pool, so I have this opportunity whenever I want! The best part about swimming (besides the cool, refreshing water of course)? The cute swimsuits!! I cannot wait to go shopping for more vintage inspired swimsuits like the ones below! With the sunnies and sun hat to top it off, of course! You could swim in San Francisco, but it's not usually warm enough!

  1. American Apparel Patterned Polyester Spandex Swim Suit
  2. ModCloth Beauty on the Shore One Piece
  3. Betsey Johnson Lace and Ruffle Swim Suit

04. No Financial Woes! Well, there still may be some, but there isn't much that I have to rely on myself for that requires money when I am home that I do when I am on my own--like laundry. It won't cost me $3 to wash my clothes, I can just do it right downstairs! Not to mention the other things I have to buy for myself when I'm in the city that now my household will take care of--toilet paper, food, bath supplies, etc. This won't stop me from being responsible for my spending, however! I will be getting a job, selling things on my Etsy, and finding other ways to make money for recreational purposes that I wouldn't need to rely on my parents for.

05. My bedroom! There isn't anything quite like sleeping in your own bed after a while away. As much as I do feel at home here in the city, I spent so many years creating my bedroom to fit my personality and be as comfortable as possible, so it will be nice to cuddle up with my Pikachu reading a nice book, doodling, or just surfing the web in my bedroom! Not to mention my closet is much larger back in my house, so more room to create outfits to share with all of you!


Now I'm sure there are many more perks that I could list here, which makes me smile, but these are the top five things I look forward to the most! Almost so much that I can't wait to fly home and start my summer adventure with some of the most important people in my life. And I'll be sure to blog all about it!

♥ Sarah

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Semi-Sorta-Tutorial: Doll Eyes

Hello, my jelly beans! Now I've been addicted to watching "living doll" girls on YouTube (like Venus Angelic, who may be a tad annoying at times what with her "Is she being racist?" ethnically ambiguous accent and obsession with all things Japanese and Korean, but for some reason I clicked that 'Subscribe' button) and have been fascinated with how long some people like Anastasyia Shpagina or Valeria Lukyanova have this desire to use makeup to make themselves actually look like real-life dolls. I mean, what girly-girl wouldn't want to look like a doll, but all the effort and dedication seems a bit extreme to me.

At any rate, I decided to try it for myself one day (minus the plastic surgery and wigs) and make my eyes HUGE like an anime character or a cute little porcelain doll (since I already dress like one half the time) and here was the result!

(taken before the hair cut, obviously)
After looking at these photos then my normal self in the mirror, I feel like my eyes are super small, but at the same time, I did not feel like a normal human being walking around like this, even though it photographed well.

Let me start off by saying, for this look, WHITE EYELINER IS YOUR BEST FRIEND, as it is for any eye-enhancing look, so if you haven't already, you should invest in some, especially if you're a makeup junkie like myself. Besides using it on the bottom waterline you can use it on the inner corner of your eyelid and blend to bring light to your eyes!

After bringing that white eyeliner down to enlarge the eyes, you will have to make a black line underneath so you don't look like a soulless daemon (though, to be fair, you might still after the look is complete, just because you'll look like a DOLL). Drawing lots of fake lashes here is always fun because it brings back the whole mod look.

Top it off with a thick cat eye that extends far past the end of your eye and some fake lashes, and you're ready to party, or, you know, scare people a bit in the streets. Yeah, maybe this look isn't really for me, but I'm sure there are some of you that could pull it off just grand!

This wasn't really a tutorial, but I think you get the gist by looking at the photos.
Anyway, enjoy, my dolls!

♥ Sarah

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Girl Crush ♡ Marina Diamandis

Welcome to a new little feature here on Love & Velvet that I like to call GIRL CRUSH! In these posts, I will feature a female celebrity that I admire. Now before you go and make the comments pertaining to my sexuality, I will explain that a girl crush is not a crush. I do not have dreams of kissing these girls and spending the rest of my life with them--but it is much more than admiration at that. It is an appreciation for the beauty, talent, attitude, and personal style of whomever is featured, almost in a--and I am trying not to be creepy here--worshiping sort of way...

Anyhow! I believe that every heterosexual girl is entitled to one or more girl crushes. I, for one, have many, thus creating this little blog feature here.

To start it all off, we will begin by having a post dedicated to one of my absolute biggest girl crushes and obsessions right now-- MARINA DIAMANDIS, or Marina and the Diamonds. As you already know from my Primadonna outfit post, Marina is a huuuuuuuuge inspiration for my fashion and lifestyle, but let's go into detail shall we? Let's start off with the basics--who is Marina Diamandis?

Marina Diamandis, also known by her stage name, Marina and the Diamonds (which is, in fact, her stage name, not the name of a band. Quite often do I hear Marina and the Diamonds referred to as "they" when it is just a "she") is a British (Welsh raised, London based) artist in the pop genre. If you haven't heard any of her music or watched her awesome music videos you definitely could, especially if you're a daydreaming or vengeful teen girl much like myself.

Now why do I have such an outrageous girl crush on Marina? It's pretty simple, the image should explain it all! Her 1960s inspired signature look for the Electra Heart era is so beautiful and princess-like and everything I love! I've always been a fan of pastels and pretty silhouettes and she is the absolute queen.

Other than her appearance, Marina is the definition of GIRL POWER with her powerful lyrics and refusal to settle for being anything less than number one to a man. I went through a period of time in my first semester of college where I was DETERMINED to be a heartbreaker, and during that phase, I would always blast Electra Heart and not let anyone tear me down! It may sound a little deceitful, but Marina's music really helped me out through a dark time in my life as I was transitioning out of a bad relationship and learn to love myself and realise I deserve only the best!

Another positive influence Marina has had on me is the whole BODY POSITIVE issue again. Marina has the most beautiful body (in my opinion, of course, everyone has their preferences) that I've ever seen, and she is a woman of beautiful curves. I used to long to have that straight up and down figure that so many appreciate in the fashion world, but then I saw how beautifully clothing articles hugged every curve on Marina's body and learned to love my own curves! (The only problem now is I want more curves! We are never satisfied, are we?)

Marina Diamandis will always be a huge inspiration to me in my life and personal style with her beauty, talent, and intelligence. This and many reasons more are why she is one of my many girl crushes!! ♡♡

♥ Sarah

DIY: Special Picture Frames

Hello there, my fluffy little powder puffs! Do you have a special someone worth commemorating in your home décor? It could be a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, sibling, mother, celebrity, yourself, or hey--even your cat! Well, if you have a photo of or with that person, and want to dedicate some time and creativity to them, this is one way to do it--DECORATING YOUR OWN FRAMES!

There isn't much of a tutorial instruction guide to this, because you are at liberty to add anything you'd like to a blank frame and make it your own! However, I will give you some tips and suggestions for the activity by showing you what I did!

Here are some of the things I used:

    1. a blank white frame (postcard size, preferably) (I got mine at Daiso Japan where everything is $1.50!)
    2. some pretty patterned and blank origami paper
    3. stickers! ALL THE STICKERS!
    4. white school glue
    5. paint and a paintbrush
    6. a heart-shaped puncher
    7. and more fun things to glue on
My finished product looked like this!

I dedicated my frame to a photo of my boyfriend, Chris, and me that my daddy took (◕‿◕✿) 

I, personally, like adding a little "looks-like-a-kindergartener-did-this" sort of vibe to my artwork, but if you prefer something a little less messy, you can always be more careful with your placement of stickers, shapes, and sparkles!

To achieve this, I cut out the origami paper to best fit the shape of the frame, folding in the edges, then I glued it down. The frame was pretty enough on it's own but I wanted to add a bit of personality and customisation to it so that you would know THIS FRAME WAS MADE FOR THIS PICTURE.

The best part about getting a frame from Daiso or the local dollar store is that if you have a falling out with the person you dedicate your frame to (yes, even your cat), then it is no great financial loss--especially considering how expensive some frames can be!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this fun little teeny tutorial as much as I enjoyed making the frame! I think I will make more for other people in the future, maybe even my cat! Stay lovely! ♡

♥ Sarah

Friday, April 19, 2013

Weekly Wishes (19/04/13)

It's ~*Friday*~, and you know what that means!! Actually, you probably don't because it's a NEW FEATURE I've just created called "Weekly Wishes". Every Friday from this point on, I am going to post a collection of images from the internet that I've seen of things that I MUST HAVE. It will consist of however many things I want, whether obtainable through purchase or not (if not, I will just cry in a corner whispering "In my dreams...") Now, let's begin!!

1. THESE SHOES. I saw this pair on Tumblr and I was absolutely dying. Not only are they shoes (which is usually enough for me), but they are also PINK, short chunky heeled, mary jane style (my absolute favourite), and *SPARKLY*! Pretty much all of my favourite qualities squashed into one pair of beautiful shoes. I don't know where I can get them, but I simply must have them!


2. Moons & Stars & Bows Bobby Pin. How adorable are these custom made bobby pins by Darling Deers Kawaii? And of course, in the most darling pastel colours. Especially now, with my short hair, do I want to accessorise my hair more often with barrettes and pins, and these are certainly where I'd start! Best part--they're onlty$2.50!

3. The Great Gatsby OST. Words cannot describe how excited I am for the new rendition of The Great Gatsby--one of my favourite books! Not only does it have Carey and Leo, but I could tell just from the trailers that the soundtrack was going to be legendary, and after hearing previews of some of the songs, I know now my prediction was right! Plus, Lana Del Rey (whose single "Young and Beautiful" from the film releases 23 April!!) is featured as one of the artists, as well as Jack White, and Florence + The Machine, some of my favourite talents.

4. VOGUE (May 2013). I am one of those girls who considers Vogue magazine to be her Bible, but seldom to I purchase it unless there is someone truly notable on the cover (for instance, the last one I purchased had Anne Hathaway, and the one before that Emma Stone). So, when I found out that Carey Mulligan would be covering May's issue I just about screamed in excitement. She looks beautiful all decked out in '20s inspired fashion, promoting The Great Gatsby. You can be sure I've already planned to keep that $4.99 in my wallet just for this issue--a necessity!

5. 'Treat Me Dress' on ModCloth. What can I say about this dress? It's perfect! The embroidered lace detailing, the pale colour scheme, the collar, the keyhole button cinch in the back, it is just so dreamy! It reminds me a lot of the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 collection, another find worth drooling over. I could wear this dress to a lovely tea party (with the shoes above of course!!). It's new today, so you can buy it here!

That concludes my first Weekly Wishes post! I certainly enjoyed sharing these finds with you, and really hope they'll be in my possession sometime in the future--but if not, it's still fun to dream!

Things We Love: #TOTD

If you follow me on Instagram or just know anything about me, you'll know that I cannot get enough of  suspender belts and thigh high stockings, or just anything to decorate my legs. Perhaps this is in an effort to promote a BODY POSITIVE agenda for myself because society tells us we should have legs that look like these if we want to be considered "beautiful". (and that is not to say girls who are unconventionally thin are not also beautiful--my point here is that you don't need a certain body type to be stunning!) Well, unfortunately for society,  I love my curves! And I also love my thighs. They are round, soft, and they touch when I stand with my feet hips width apart. So what?

Now before you go and make assumptions, contrary to popular belief (and comments from random strangers in the street), I do not dress this way for male attention, and I most certainly do not dress this way in order to "ask to get raped" (which I could go an entire rant about, but for your sake, we will keep it to this for now). I just happen to like the vintage influence of garters and stockings and I feel good and cute when I wear them. Sorry, men, but it's not always about you.

Anyway, now that my little rant is over, you might be thinking to yourself, "I don't know what a suspender belt is? A garter??" Well, I will show you what I mean, using my own TOTD** (thigh of the day) since there seems to always be some discrepancy.

**which apparently means "thought of the day" but I made up my own acronym so you're just gonna have to deal.

So, let's start off with suspender belts (often referred to as garter belts). These suspenders that hang are often confused as "garters", which are something different with the same purpose. They are pieces of lingerie (here is what one looks like) that you hook around your lower belly/hip area much like a bra, that has hanging suspenders that hold up stockings (as you see above and below). Some stockings are made with a sticky interior so that you do not need a suspender belt or garters (we will get to what that is momentarily). A suspender belt has four suspenders that hook in the front and the back of the leg to hold up your suspenders, and I just love the way they look.

outfit details (above; left to right): dress: vintage, stockings: victoria's secret, suspender belt: victoria's secret; dress: borrowed, suspender belt: victoria's secret, stockings: ebay; shorts: american apparel, suspender belt: victoria's secret, stockings: american apparel.

I don't quite know what it is about garter belts that I adore so much. Maybe it's the way they elongate your legs or just add little details to an outfit (I'm very much an accessory girl!). Whatever it may be, I want to eventually own one in every colour with stockings to match! 

outfit details (above; left to right): corset: thrifted, skirt: ...i don't recall, suspender belt: victoria's secret, stockings: h&m; shorts: from caelan, suspender belt: victoria's secret, stockings: we love colors 

dress: vintage, bloomers: american apparel, garter: ben franklin's

Lastly, we fall into the question "Now... what is a garter again?" Well, besides a traditional wedding piece for a bride (where the groom removes it from his blushing bride and throws it and whomever catches it will be the next to marry), garters are similarly used to hold up stockings. They are basically an elastic piece often garnished and decorated with lace, flowers, ribbon, what have you, that you wear on your thigh. Though, some, much like myself, do not actually use the garter for its intended purpose, and just wear it as an accessory around the thigh.

However, I might be cheating just a tad with mine, because, can you keep a secret? It isn't actually a garter. One day when craft shopping, there was a baby headband and hair elastic set for $1 and the headband looked just like a garter so I bought it for that exact reason!

Despite my little lucky find, garters are not too expensive and can really add some pizazz to an outfit, so it'd be a fun little investment! And if you're not willing to cough up the dough, some brides often make their own garters using online DIY's. Maybe we will have one up soon?

So, my little chipmunks, perhaps this post inspired you to love your body more and don't be afraid to dress it up! Don't be afraid what others say, because they most likely wish they had the confidence to walk around in traditionally lingerie pieces!

To find your own suspender/garter belts, garters, and stockings, you can visit Victoria's Secret, or if you're trying to not break the bank, Yandy.com has some pieces for super cheap (as in under $5!). And there is always the DIY option for fun things like these. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Liebster Award!

Hey, lookie there! We over here at Love & Velvet were nominated for the Liebster Award by Bianca and we are honoured! This definitely is inspiring us to keep on writing for those readers out there, so thank you so much for the nomination!

Here are the rules...
  • Share 11 things about  yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions that your tagger gave you
  • Choose 11 fellow blogs to nominate. The nominees must have less than 200 Google Friend
  • Connect Followers and be told via comment on their blog
  • Think of 11 questions to ask the bloggers that were nominated 
  • Thank the person that nominated you and link back their blog

me in the best, most pink aisle in City Target
Now to share 11 little facts about me!
  1. I'm a Leo, and my name (Sarah) means 'Princess' (Hebrew origin), so you could say I have quite the superiority complex. At least I think I should be treated like royalty!
  2. Pink is my favourite colour! (In case that wasn't clear)
  3. Kittens are my most favourite thing in the entire world next to hugs.
  4. The key to my heart is good taste in movies.
  5. Every night, I sleep with a stuffed Pikachu plushie (much like this one) that I've had since I was 5 years old.
  6. I run an Etsy shop that is currently in the works where I sell handmade and vintage! Please check it out to support a struggling art student (◕‿◕✿) 
  7. I have an unhealthy obsession with plucking eyebrows--my own, my friends', my mother's, (even my boyfriend's sometimes)
  8. I have a super big crush on late '80s thru early '90s Christian Slater and his eyebrows
  9. I'm eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch dry out of the box as I write this.
  10. I prefer grey, rainy days to bright, sunny ones.
  11. I published this at first without making an 11th fact!

Now time for the questions!

01. What inspires you?

Ahh, so many things inspire me!! I live in the beautiful city of San Francisco, so just walking to class is enough to inspire me!

02. Top 5 Favorite movies

Once (2007), Amadeus (1984), Heathers (1988), An Education (2009), The Virgin Suicides (1999), etc. etc.

03. How do you want your life to be in 5 years?

In five years, I'd like to be married to my soulmate, possibly a mother, living in a big house, living the classic family dream, with some acting and arts and crafts on the side. Maybe even be a teacher!  

04. What is something most people probably don't know about you?

There isn't much people don't know about me... I'm sort of an open book. Pretty terrible with secrets too.

05. What is your favorite quote?

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." 
- Marilyn Monroe
"I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and... I believe in miracles."
- Audrey Hepburn

06. What do you think is your best quality?

My ability to love so fully, unconditionally, and completely, I'd say. It takes a lot for me not to see the good in you.

07. Favorite Bands?

Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, The Doors, and fun.!

08. One of your best memories of all time?

Definitely meeting Roger Ebert at the Hawaii International Film Festival in October 2010.

09. What are your pet peeves?

Oh gosh. I get so annoyed with people that say "I'm ___ years young" or when you ask the time and they don't have a watch they either say "a freckle past a hair" or "TIME TO GET A WATCH!!!". Biggest pet peeves ever.

10. What made you want to start a blog?

I'd been reading fashion blogs for years and had so much fun running Elle Fanning Style that I decided to make a more personal one that tailored to my own style and interests. Plus it's a great way to let out all of my teen-angsty rants and share my love of clothes with the world!

11. How you would describe your bedroom?

Pink and girly and fun!

My questions for you are as follows...
  1. Who are your biggest fashion inspirations?
  2. What is your favourite season?
  3. If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  4. If you could live in any era, which would you choose?
  5. What is the background on your mobile phone?
  6. What is your favourite flower?
  7. Do you have any special gifts/talents? If so what are they?
  8. What is one really positive thing that happened to you this week?
  9. What is your favourite board game?
  10. What's a book you could read over and over again?
  11. Cats, dogs, birds, or fish?

And as for who I nominate...
I am still new to this whole Blogspot world, so I will start by just nominating my dear friend and fellow Love & Velvet contributor, Summer, on her blog Feminist Fatale!